Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

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Pharmacy Management System

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Pharmacy Management System
Brand : Falcons Soft.
Training courses will be held for all of your users of this system in order to provide their competence and ability management and operation of these systems as per the rules
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Brand Falcons Soft.
System Use For Pharmacies
System Features

- It works under the Windows environment.

- It contains an Arabic panel and an Arabic-English interface.

- Accounting and administrative control at the same time.

- The ability to search on any screen by any information.

- It contains an automatic annual close.

- The possibility of connecting to a network and on more than one device and controlling it.

- Ease of changing material prices through invoices.

- Material encoding and re-tagging facility that works on BarCode

- It contains sales tax and purchase tax.

- There is an in-line discount on purchase bills.

- The movement’s asset can be accessed through any disclosure or report easily

- Entering a payment from an accounts receivable bill easily through the same bill.

- Drug groups can be defined and special statements found for them.

- The existence of lists of alternatives to the material by the name of the material.

 - The possibility of adding new scientific topics and amending their information and their enrichment

- Multiple banks and ease of use of statements of each bank.

- It contains a complete system to follow up on incoming and outgoing checks.

- Have a screen for expenses and a list of each expense.

- It contains a quick inventory screen.

- The existence of a statement of accounts payable and receivable up to any date and related according to customers and insurance companies and warehouses.

- A system to protect and prevent financial reports for the average user.

- A complete summary of the movements of the day or period of the pharmacy or the user.

- It contains all local and foreign surnames, their alternatives, and selling and buying prices.

- It contains all the current scientific names, complete information about them, and their fixed scientific names,See their composition, side effects and link them to commercial evening.

- It is easy to learn and use the system because its screens are similar to Windows

- The existence of a set of reports on sales and purchases.

- Work within an integrated computer profile that includes the accounts of suppliers, clients, insurance companies, and receivables and disbursement and management of accounting operations and follow-up checks.

- It contains detailed, informational, financial reports, periodical comparisons, daily, and monthly reports.

- Assists in preparing orders for a warehouse or for all warehouses, in addition to dozens of printed reports on screen or paper.

- Ability to call reports from within invoices.

- Summons a movement from any other itch.

- A warning about expired materials, materials that are nearing completion, spoiled materials, and materials that have reached the demand limit.

- Knowing the daily, monthly, annual profits and losses within a specific period.

- Knowing the sales of each pharmacy employee separately, with the ability to work with all system screens inside only one screen.

License Life Time
Warranty 1 Year
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